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Welcome to Beyond the Beanstalk, where education takes flight and innovation knows no bounds. Founded by two passionate educators, Jennie Young and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, our journey is a testament to the belief that every child has the potential to reach new heights when given the right environment to grow.

Once upon a time, in Jennie's living room, an idea sprouted that would change the STEM game forever. Meet Jennie and Elizabeth, the dynamic duo with a combined teaching experience of 42 years+ years! Jennie, the award-winning high school science teacher with a passion for innovation, has journeyed across the globe to witness STEM magic in action. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, having been centre manager in early childhood, stepped off the floor when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a heart condition, brings early childhood expertise to their magical beanstalk adventure. Together, they're here to make STEM education reach new heights! 

Beyond the Beanstalk- Liz and the dinosaurs
Beyond the Beanstalk- Bernie's dinosaur
Beyond the Beanstalk- The Hardhattians Planet Sporange
Beyond the Beanstalk- renee tarantula

Jennie Young: Pioneering STEM Innovator

Meet Jennie Young, co-founder and STEM extraordinaire. With a passport stamped by the world, Jennie has traveled far and wide, leaving a trail of STEM excellence in her wake. Recognised with awards for her groundbreaking innovations in STEM education, Jennie's commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional learning led her to become a published author. Her acclaimed work, "The STE(A)M Book," stands as a testament to her dedication to making STEM education accessible, engaging, and inspiring for every child.

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (Liz): A Heartfelt Journey through Education


Joining forces with Jennie is Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, known by everyone as Liz. With a rich background in childcare and education, Liz's journey has taken her from the role of a nurturing nanny to the helm of educational leadership as a center manager/coordinator/educational leader (to name a few hats she's worn over the years). Liz's extensive experience in early childcare and Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) forms the foundation of her commitment to creating an educational space where every child can thrive.

Our Dedicated Team: Where Passion Meets Expertise

Beyond the Beanstalk is not just a company; it's a community of dedicated professionals who share a common passion for education. Our remarkable staff, hailing from diverse backgrounds, all have one thing in common – a shared history as educators, teachers, or professionals in similar fields. This collective experience, coupled with an unwavering commitment to continuous learning and growth, forms the beating heart of Beyond the Beanstalk.

Our Philosophy: You Don't Need Much to Reach for the Stars

At Beyond the Beanstalk, we believe in the inherent curiosity and limitless potential of every child. Our entire team finds joy in witnessing those magical moments when children discover the wonders of learning. We are firm believers that STEM education doesn't require an array of specialised equipment; it simply needs the right environment, encouragement, and a dash of creativity.

Our mission is to inspire young minds, encouraging them to look beyond the ordinary, beyond the expected, and beyond the confines of the metaphorical beanstalk. Together, we embark on a journey of growth, discovery, and innovation that goes far beyond the classroom walls.

Join us at Beyond the Beanstalk, where education reaches new heights, and the possibilities are as vast as the imagination

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