What if you could find a range of innovative hands on activities, linked to educational frameworks?

What if these activities came with risk assessments, instructional information and written programs as well as a presenter?

What if these activities also had an online version for centres outside the Sydney region?

Well have STEM & STEAM activities to cover these needs!

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With a total of 42 combined years of experience, our team of educators guide children through a range of unique learning experiences.

Scientific concepts are presented through a range of STEM & STEAM activities. These include the whimsical stories and activities of our Storytime STEM programs, and our successful Sustainable STEM programs, such as hydroponics and aquaponics experiments.

Older students will enjoy our Stepped Up STEM programs, in which children design solutions to a range of problems using science, technology, engineering, maths, creativity and imagination.
In these programs, activities challenge the children and require more developed skills such as fine motor, cognitive and problem solving.