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Owners and Managers of
Beyond The Beanstalk

Jennie: Owner


“I hope to encourage STEM in children in early childhood so they can develop STEM skills to solve problems in a variety of contexts.”

Jennie has been a science teacher for 30 years, achieved national and international recognition, awarded a Churchill Fellowship and Caltex Rotary Award for innovation in teaching and also holds a Master of Science.

She has travelled to the US and Europe to observe best practice in the teaching of science, engineering and mathematics.


Jennie is also the author of The STEAM Book. A book of STEM activities for late primary and early high school students and the accompanying

teacher resource.


“I was often referred to as “Mary Poppins”, in many of my previous roles. I like to think that meant I thought outside the box and encouraged this skill in all children I had the pleasure of working with."

Elizabeth has been working with children in both Australia and the United States for over 12 years.

She has worked as a nanny and in home educator. She has also worked in both long day care (LDC) and outside school hours care (OSHC) as an educator, educational leader, nominated supervisor and centre director.

Having received qualifications in early childhood, Elizabeth has also pursued qualifications in business and marketing.

Liz has 2 little girls who love helping and trialling new activities from Beyond the Beanstalk.

Beyond the Beanstalk- Liz

Renee: Operations Manager

Beyond the Beanstalk- Renee

Renee started as our booking specialist and through dedication and excellent operational skills, became our Operations Manager. 

When she's not orchestrating office operations, you can find her rocking the role of the unofficial office DJ or tearing up the dance floor as an award-winning country line dancer.


With over a decade of experience in the childcare industry under her belt, Renee brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role.

Fun facts about Renee? She's a proud mother to two adorable children, Jack and Mia, and she shares a preschool connection with Liz and Holly – talk about lifelong friendships!


Oh, and did we mention she also attended high school with Bernie?


Small world indeed!

Holly: Regional Operations Manager

Meet Holly, the newest member of our Beyond The Beanstalk family, stepping into our realm with a blend of expertise and culinary flair! Transitioning from her role as Centre Director, Holly now brings her diverse experiences to the forefront as she joins our management team, ready to spearhead business development and serve as the vital liaison for our regional services, 60km beyond Sydney.

With a rich background spanning various fields, including notable time with the NSW government and in the dynamic world of hospitality managment, Holly embodies versatility and innovation. But it's her culinary prowess that truly sets her apart – her sandwiches and toasties are legendary, within the Beanstalk office!

Beyond her culinary creations, Holly's strategic acumen and passion for excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team. As she takes the reins in driving business growth and nurturing relationships with centres across the Sydney region, we're excited to witness her transformative impact on Beyond The Beanstalk.

The Team

Beyond the Beanstalk- Bernie

Stem Pr

Bernie has joined the Beyond the Beanstalk team and brings years of  primary school teaching with her.

Bernie has taught Kindergarten to Year 6.

Bernie was a gymnastics coach for 10 years and taught babies right through to adults.

She has 2 monster puppers at home, a beautiful little human and a husband with many 3D printers.

If you meet Bernie at one of our workshops, make sure to check out her earrings and/or hat. She has a vast collection of them and matches her accessories to the theme of the workshop!

Beyond the Beanstalk- Ruby

STEM Presenter

Meet Ruby, the dynamic STEM presenter who infuses fun and enthusiasm into every lesson. As the office social media queen, she effortlessly bridges the digital and real-world spaces, captivating audiences of all ages.


With two little girls of her own, Ruby understands the importance of sparking curiosity and fostering a love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from a young age. Through her engaging presentations, she ignites imaginations and empowers the next generation of innovators to explore the wonders of the STEM world.

Beyond the Beanstalk- Erin

STEM Presenter

Erin has been working with kids since she was in highschool. She has worked as a development coach, OOSH educator and youth group leader, with kids from 6 months to 18 years old. Her favourite thing to do is build relationships with little people so they can have fun and be silly while learning about the world. 


She studied psychology in university, and especially loves spending time with children with all kinds of neurodiversities. These children are often seem the most curious, ask the coolest questions, and have the most fun! 


You can find her by looking for a girl who looks like Merida from the movie "Brave"! She is often told by kids...

Beyond the Beanstalk- Philip

Office Wizard

Philip comes to us with experience across a range of industries. He has been teaching for 16 years, was in the IT industry for 19 years and even spent a 7 year period as a musician… he even sported an afro for some of that time!

Philip is a keen coffee fanatic, loves Dungeons and Dragons, cats, his many grandchildren and of course the weird and wacky shenanigans we get up to here at The Beanstalk.

Watch out around the end of November as Philip tends to go through a little transformation. His beard and hair grow longer, his belt needs to be let out a few notches and for some reason, he starts wearing a lot of red, black and white.

Beyond the Beanstalk- Nathan

Office Engineer

Nathan, the engineering extraordinaire at Beyond the Beanstalk! all things tech and tinkering! When he's not busy fixing drones or cracking jokes, you can find him building aquaponics units, installing security cameras (he's got your back!), and maybe even dusting off some ancient dinosaur bones. Just make sure to keep an eye out for his witty sense of humour - it's been known to catch people off guard (in the best way possible). Get ready for engineering expertise with a side of hilarity! Nathan also steps into the role of Stem Presenter when needed. If you see him at a workshop, ask him to tell you a joke!

JPEG image-DD0FB954D3EC-1.jpeg

Graphic Designer

Gary, the wickedly talented graphic designer behind GF Creative.

Gary runs his own business GF Creative in Sydney but works remotely for a range of businesses including ours!

His impressive portfolio is a must-see! Irish born and raised, Gary has lived in Sydney for the past 13 years and has a young family, a love of James Bond films and an impressive portfolio where no job is too big or too small.

Visit his website to explore some of his wonderfully creative works and be inspired. Be sure to give him a follow, because great things come to those who create!

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