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Image by Yash Patel


Welcome to Spotlight STEM!

Here you will find a selection of short easy STEM & STEAM activities. They will cover the variety of STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and will enable you to facilitate a short activity that can open plenty of possibilities for child centred follow up activities.

You will meet The Hardhattians who will help introduce STEM concepts.

The Hardhattians travel beyond the beanstalk to many different lands just to bring interesting STEM & STEAM ideas for you to try. You can also catch glimpses of what The Hardhattians are up to in our many Storytime STEM and Sustainable STEM workshops.

We love to inspire educators, across the education industry, to go beyond the everyday norm and think in new and exciting ways. We love giving children the opportunity to engage with different equipment and ideas to solve problems with resources around them.

2020 and 2021 have shown us that life can change in an instant but we want to always be there for educators and children alike and open up pathways into the world of STEM.

We would love to see any creations and STEM activities you have followed from our free resources.

Feel free to tag us on facebook @beyondthebeanstalkAU and instagram @beyond_the_beanstalk

Every photo tagged enters your service or school into our quarterly draw for a free workshop!

We can't wait to see you beyond the beanstalk!


1. The Hardhattians- The Triceratops               30/06/2021


2. Star Gazing & Constellations                           01/07/2021

3. The World of Mini Beasts                                06/07/2021


4.The Hardhattians- Dinosaur Footprints        08/07/2021

Dinosaur Footprints
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