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Image by Yash Patel

Beyond the Beanstalk

How well do you know your bugs?

How many legs does a millipede have?

How big does a snail get?

Are stick insects really little aliens from outer space?

Join Mark as he explores some different bugs, minibeasts and creepy crawlies.

Did you know in our Insectarium workshop, you get to meet a giant panda snail, a giant centipede, a giant millipede and more!

Make sure you download, print and make our 3D Scorpion puzzle. We'd love to see pictures of them when you are finished!

3D Scorpion Activity

It's time to print and cut out the Beyond the Beanstalk 3D Scorpion puzzle. This puzzle will need to be carefully cut  and assembled to ensure it stands up.

Before cutting, can you research different colours and species of scorpions and decorate your scorpion to resemble your findings?​

If needed, tape can be used at each join to help hold it in place

Insect Facts

  • All scorpions are cannibalistic.

  • When disturbed or made angry, millipedes squirt a smelly brown liquid out that will stain your hands. It won’t hurt humans but predators will think it’s too smelly and run away.Wash your hands if this happens to you!

  • Panda snails have been known to climb about a metre off of the ground.

  • Baby stick insect eggs look like plant seeds and are often collected by ants. When the stick insects hatch, they look like ants so they don't get eaten. They then make their way up the nearest tree.

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We'd love to see your scorpions when they have been created!

Feel free to tag us on our social pages and you will enter your service or school in our quarterly draws.

3D Scorpion puzzle

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Did we mention we also give you an educator resource that has synopsis of activity, analysis of learning, extension activity ideas and links to the relevant frameworks?

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