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Image by Yash Patel


Have you ever wondered how big a triceratops was?

Let The Hardhattians help you learn about them!

Watch our triceratops video  and download our triceratops

3D puzzle.

Once you've assembled your triceratops you can use play dough or modelling clay to give your triceratops a body. 

Activity 1

  • Ask children to lay down on the ground, head to toe.

  • How many children can lie down before you reach 8 metres?

  • How many children can lie down head to toe to make a length of 3metres?

These lengths make up the length and height of a triceratops. As you can see they were quite big! 

Using this activity, children will be using maths and able to have visual idea of just how big the mighty triceratops was!

See our lego man example to the right.

To extend this activity, show the children a picture or the above video of a triceratops, can they move themselves into the shape of a triceratops while maintaining the length of 8 metres?

Triceratops Facts

  • Grew up to 3 metres tall

  • Was about 8 metres long

  • Triceratops means "3 Horned Face"

  • Used it's horns to protect itself against predators

  • Had between 400-800 teeth that just kept growing and replacing themselves all the time!

  • Had a bird like beak for a mouth

  • Was a herbivore (which means they only ate plants)

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 11.12.57

Activity 2

Can you download our 3D Triceratops puzzle?

When the puzzle has been printed, cut out and assembled, you can hypothesise what a triceratops looked like. 

To do this;

  • Children can decorate the triceratops using pencil, textas or paint alternatively play dough or modelling clay can be applied to the puzzle and create a body. Any embellishments can make this triceratops looking wonderful.

  • By using the puzzle as the skeleton for this activity, children will need to use engineering skills and a dash of creativity to ensure the dinosaur stays upright.  

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Did we mention we also give you an educator resource that has synopsis of activity, analysis of learning, extension activity ideas and links to the relevant frameworks?

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