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Winning Team


Beyond the Beanstalk prides itself on encouraging children of all ages to think in new and wonderful ways.

This includes exploring their imagination as young authors and problem solving in a collaborative environment.

Our problem solving STEM based competitions involve children using their skills in the STEM disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

These competitions require children to experiment, investigate, analyse and process information in order to solve problems in a team environment. 


Educators can guide and facilitate children to leave their comfort zones and push the boundaries of their learning. 

Our competitions cover a broad range of skills so that children who excel in the creative arts can also demonstrate their skill set.

Thus we enter the realms of STEM and STEAM in a fun and engaging manner which both children and educators will remember for years to come. 

Responses to our competitions foster positive relationships between children and their educators and beyond this to the community. Parents and other members of the services community will, at times be asked to vote in a poll for their favourite entry. This also enables the service to showcase to parents the benefits their children are reaping from enrolment in their specific service.

July Competitions

All winning entries receive a plaque!

All entries receive a certificate!

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