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Growley and the Twitching Tail: About Me

Grandpa's Museum


How were the ancient Egymption pyramids built?

Did ancient Egyptions use brute strength? Wind? Magic? Mammoth's or engineering to build the magnificent pyramids we see today?

Do you think you have the skills required to build our pyramid?

Discover a grand new adventure with Beyond the Beanstalk's Grandpa as we follow his story in Grandpa's Museum. Children will view the Grandpa's new story to start this workshop. 

Next children will learn about ancient Egypt's fascinating history, and the technology of it's time and what we have evolved and still use today. Next children will attempt to build our giant pyramid puzzle, it looks easier than it is! To solve this puzzle, children will need to work in teams to move their pyramid pieces across the room to the pyramid site and then figure out a way to assemble it.

This workshop focuses on simple machines and how they have been used throughout history and how we still use them today.

To conclude this workshop, children will get to make their very own simple machine catapult and see who can launch a pom pom the furthest. They will also get to keep these!

Set out on an incredible journey with Grandpa and the Beanstalk crew and explore ancient Egypt, pyramids and simple machines today! 

Workshop Inclusions

  • 1 x STEM Presenters (approximately 1.5 hour workshop)

  • 1 x Grandpa's Museum presentation/workshop

  • 1 x risk assessment

  • Resources for up to 30 children, contact us about additional pricing for larger groups

  • 1 x PDF Educator Resource (includes Snapshot of workshop, Analysis of Learning, Follow on activity ideas and links to EYLF or MTOP and the NQF)

Workshop Requirements

  • This workshop can be modified for each age group, please specify on booking form.

  • Access to an electrical power outlet.

  • A clear space for pyramid moving and building.

  • Tables and chairs for simple machine building.

We also tailor packages and workshops to your needs. Contact us today to discuss your STEM workshop needs!

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