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At Beyond the Beanstalk, we believe in nurturing young minds to reach for the stars and explore the wonders of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Our workshops are designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and instill a lifelong love for learning.


Empowering the next generation of innovators begins with sparking curiosity and encouraging exploration. At Beyond the Beanstalk, in our award winning workshops, we provide the tools and guidance for children to embrace their natural curiosity, ask questions, and seek answers through experimentation and discovery. Our goal is to inspire a passion for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

We provide some of the best, most engaging, interactive, original STEM/STEAM incursions and workshops in Sydney.

Students in childcare, preschool, primary school and outside school hours care can enter the world of science, technology, maths and engineering.

Aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework, the My Time Our Place Framework and Stage 1-3 curriculum, our incursions combine natural sciences, physics, mathematics, sustainability and storytelling in unique learning experiences

See you Beyond the Beanstalk!


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The aquaponics incursion was our favourite so far as it was well suited to our children's ages; 2-3 years. The children were very excited to see the fish and are so happy that the fish are staying with them, they even named them "Tuna & Nino". It was such a wonderful experience for the children and Elizabeth and Celia are so knowledgeable and great with the children!

Ms Nazi
Leylands Learning Centre

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