Scuba Divers Deep Sea

Jurassic Deep

Do you know what lays beneath the ocean depths?

What do you know about plesiosaurs?

Can we teach you some plesiosaur facts like what size was a plesiosaur?

What other aquatic dinosaurs existed?

Have other underwater dinosaurs been identified or have we only found plesiosaur bones?

Have you ever wondered about underwater dinosaurs? Have you heard of a plesiosaur?
In this Storytime STEM workshop, children will learn about the water dwelling dinosaurs. They will hear the original story of The Playful Plesiosaur who takes great delight in appearing in various locations world wide, and photo bombs many photographs.

Children will then look at what a plesiosaur was, construct a cartesian diver and also they will get to hatch some real underwater ancient lifeforms for the service to keep. 


Workshop Inclusions

  • 1 x STEM Presenters

  • 1 x Jurassic Deep presentation/workshop

  • Resources for up to 30 children, contact us about additional pricing for larger groups

  • 1 x risk assessment

  • 1 x PDF Educator Resource (includes Snapshot of workshop, Analysis of Learning, Follow on activity ideas and links to EYLF or MTOP and the NQF)

Workshop Requirements

  • This workshop can be modified for each age group, please specify on booking form.

  • Access to an electrical power outlet.

  • A clear space for puppet theatres to be assembled. 

  • Tables and chairs for finger puppet making.

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